50+ Spooky Halloween Manicures To Copy This Season

Spooky season is here, and that means it’s time to get down to some halloween business! 

It’s now time to get started on your Halloween beauty to-do list, and begin with some of the spookiest, and some of the cutest halloween nail designs, you’re sure to love! 

Best thing is, you can copy all of these designs at home, with minimal experience. If you want to learn how, then you’re at the right place! 

Striped Pumpkin

Let’s start off with a very simple halloween manicure. This manicure really is a treat, and so easy to copy! All you need is some black, orange, and white polish. For the strips, you can use thin cut up pieces of tape, and the pumpkins can be recreated with some cute stickers, or some fun dotting tool action. Same goes for the drip! You can use a dotting tool, or a template, up to you!

Rose Spider

Now this is a fun manicure, with two tone hands.  This can be fun for both you and your nail tech to recreate. The 3-D rose, adds dimension, and makes this manicure very special!

Spooky White

Now this manicure is a very spooky. You can easily recreate this, with some simple stencils, or just use a small nail brush to paint it on. This manicure, wonky lines are what gives it its entire effect, so don’t be afraid, and don’t try to be perfect!

Graveyard Cat

With these nails, you’ll definitely get some scares. They are so spooky, and look so great on the nails. This would be a fun manicure to try out this season!


The spooky drip never gets old. It’s so halloween, and so spooky, and writing “Boo” on the nails is so creative! This manicure is otherwise so simple, and if you’re looking for something that is spooky, but simple, then this is your next manicure!

Monster Mash

Bright and fun, this monster manicure will be a hit with the little ones. The bright colours and funky designs are a fun twist on the dark halloween colours, and for someone looking to stand out this season, I believe this monster manicure is your top choice!

Green ghost

Fun Accent green ghost, and some webbed nails. This manicure has a lot of different things going on, so really go crazy with this. Improvise, or copy it exactly. Either way, this manicure is sure to spook!

Blood Spatter

This manicure is very slick. The blood spatter stands out perfectly on that simple beige background, and the intricate drawings are very creative, and scary. 

Beetle Juice

Ohhh it’s beetlejuice, how fun! This is an amazing halloween movie, and an amazing way to decorate your nails this season. If you’re a fan of beetlejuice and all his action, then definitely go crazy with this manicure!

Two Tone Pumpkin

This is a simple manicure, and very easy to recreate at home. Just paint some solid colours, and go at it with some spooky and fun halloween faces. Have fun with this, and when your done, you’ll have the sweetest halloween manicure ever!


Long and big nails, that compliment the halloween holiday. These nails are super scary, and the jack-o-lantern design is freak, and fun. Definitely try this out at home, and go nuts on the designs!

Purple Sky

This nail design is very easy, with the right stickers, and stencils, and really that’s it. Just paint a purple base, and stick on some funky stickers, and seal with a good quality top coat!

Halloween Night

This design is super fun, and super simple. All you need, it a thin nail brush, that you can use to simply paint on small lines and dots, to make the crescent moon, and the stars.


This manicure is super extreme. It has got a lot of intricate detail, but the end result is absolutely stunning. With this manicure, your really going to have to take your time, but don’t worry, it’s worth it!

Tomb Sweet Tomb

This is a cute and spooky manicure that looks amazing on short nails. If long nails just isn’t your scene, then this short scare is so for you! 

Cute Halloween

This is probably the cutest halloween nail manicure out there. It is so simple, and it works on small nails. If you want something more kooky and sweet, then definitely give this manicure a shot!

Punk Rock

This nail manicure is so punk chic. It has a fascinating array of texture, and detail, and these nails will seriously slay the halloween season. These Nails are so badass, and will definitely be fun to pull of this season!


Any and all “It” fans need to get behind this fun “It” inspired manicure. It is horrifying, just like the movie, and you’ll have so much fun rocking these nails at your next halloween party!

Spider Webs

These are some basic nails, that you can mess around with at home. Just use a simple dotting tool, or even a q-tip to create the small dots, and use a small nail brush for the spider webs on the nail beds.

Freaky Mickey

Mickey gone wild! This manicure is so much fun, if you’re looking to try out something different, and new! 

Sleek Bats

This manicure is so beautiful, and so halloween chic. The clear tips, with the bats is creative, and real cool. This manicure will have your friends drooling!

French Ghost

This is like a french manicure, but with ghosts, as the tips. It is another basic manicure, that looks stunning on short nails!

Zombie Sims

Sims fans, here’s a twist. Zombie sims are bright, and electric. This is a comedic way to take on halloween, and with these nails, you’ll definitely be the life of the party!

Radioactive Spider

Yellow and green gradient, and bold black spider webs. You really can’t go wrong with this manicure.  It’s bright, and super different from the other manicures we have seen so far.

Web Tips

This is another simple design, which is the easiest out of all of these. Just paint a simple base, and go at it with black paint, and a nail brush, for the webbed tips.

Spider Glam

This is a very glamorous nails design, and you can use it, as a different approach on the spooky halloween nails. If you’re looking for something that’s halloween, but still super gorgeous to wear out, then this is your manicure!


These frankenstein’s nails are too die for. They are so simple, and they are very clean. They aren’t overwhelming on the eyes, and they can work for any nail length, and shape!

Adams Family

Addams family nails! We got Beetle juice, and now it’s time for the family. These are darker, and have a more monotone, scary halloween approach, as opposed to the comedic, and spooky beetlejuice nails. Up to You, who do you choose this season, beetlejuice, or the Addams?

Bloody Eyeballs

Ohh fun. Finally we got some eyeballs in here. Halloween isn’t halloween without at least some eyeballs floating around! But are you up to the task of having eyeballs on your nails this season?

Spider Accent

Here are more spiders. I don’t like spiders, but on your nails, they make for a great scare, and this manicure is sure to grab the attention of all your friends and family!


Dark and mysterious, this manicure is evil, and it is so halloween. These nails are definitely something you need to get done, and that giant spider, how spooky is that!

Flame Tips

These nails are by far my favorite. The flame tips are so simple, yet they give off an amazing and spooky look. They are super freaky, and so gothic!

Spider Tips x2

More Spider tips! Only this time, you can see how they look on short nails, and in a different colour combination. This manicure is seriously so interchangeable, anyone can do it, andy way they like!

Hell Skull

Now this is a fun hellish manicure, with the big white skull, and the chains crossing over the nails. The orange fire nails, only add to the freaky effect, and they make the spooky skull pop!

Metallic Halloween

Here we have some spooky metallic nails, that haven’t been seen at all as of late. They are long, pointy, and so funky. The scare of the season really.

Ouija Board

Perhaps one of the scariest games out there, is now painted onto your nails. Why not bring in some haunted energy, with this very scary manicure!

Haunted House

Now this manicure is a halloween delight. It has the scary halloween settings, and the spooky bats. With this manicure, you’ll definitely win best halloween nails!

Goth Creep 

Whoa! Creepy, and serene. This manicure is spooky as hell, and just looking at it gives me the chills. If you’re looking to freak out your friends, then scare them with these horrifying nails!

Starry Spook

Spooky Sky colours, that will take your nails to the next level. Halloween skies are the scariest skies, and what better way to cherish them, then put them on your nails!

Blood Drip

This manicure is super cool. The dripping blood it such a freaky effect, and you must spring for this design if your looking for something super creative, and so different.

That One Eye

The big eye, that is creepily watching all the time, and the milky waves, that trickle down your nails, create such a scary vibe. Seriously such a spook!

Black Drip

This manicure is simple and fun. Grab some nail stickers, and then paint on a nude base. Add on some black, and streak it up a little bit. Add some stickers, and paint over with a matte top coat!

Bright Web

Two toned nails, that are super bright, and the simple webs are very halloween. The bright green is erie, and the plain black nails, make this manicure so much more satisfying.

Witch Hunt

Witch accent nails! Simple and fun, and absolutely gorgeous on such short nails. This is so much fun, and would look great on your children’s nails. A cute manicure for both adults and kids!


It’s time to bring in the dolls. We haven’t seen a single one so far, but here it is. A voodoo experience, for all those looking to seriously freak out their family!

Pumpkin Collage

This is the halloween collage. These nails have got all of the halloween characters, that you see all the time, and this is how you experience halloween in a more fun and cute way!


Ghosts everywhere. So many ghosts, and these nails are full of all the haunted souls. It’s funny, and cute, and these nails are so much fun to mess around with.

White Ghoul 

Here’s something new, you’ve got an array of multiple designs, and the star of the show is this decadent ghoul, which is ready to spook!

Funky Spook

These are some funky nails. They are bright and green, and halloween all over. The flat top nails are a nice change from the usual, and they have got that spooky smile that halloween enthusiasts love!

Late Night Grave

Here is one hell of a scary manicure. It’s dark and bleak, but the moon so perfectly stands out. This really is the scariest halloween setting you can paint on your nails. It is a graveyard after all…

*Please Note: none of these pictures are mine! :)* *Disclaimers*

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